Salt shaker spilled on a table

TRADE: Team Looking through the Science [DWats] sends Cooper Kupp to Team Chubby Kamaras [JP]

As is tradition, JP kicked off the post-draft trading window by immediately sending the worst player in the league a fragile RB2 with upside for My Little Cooper Kupp. Was this boredom or foresight from JP? Was this a balanced trade? Based on expected values from a few hours before – seemed so… but you dumb dumbs let someone get Kupp for $7.

Verdict: Advantage Fliz.

TRADE: Team Ianian [Ian] sends Travis Kelce and Jerry Jeudy to Team Chubby Kamaras [JP] for Travis Higbee and Nick Chubb.

Because Ian is the new Chris and is unable to procure a laptop on draft day, he autodrafted Travis Kelce at the wildly inflated price of $58 dollars since Matt Berry’s drunk four year old got to set the default budgets this year. 

He quickly shopped him to JP who – in keep – hates his draft picks with a post-coital disgust that is difficult to understand. 

Whoever wins this one is dependent on how good Jeudy is and if the Browns use their more talented back (Kareem Hunt) more than their first and second down pounder.

Verdict: Balanced

TRADE: Team Looking through the Science [DWats] sends Tyler Boyd, Kareem Hunt and Jalen Hurts to Team Chubby Kamaras [JP] for Justin Jefferson

With Jefferson coming off a historic rookie campaign and only the desiccated corpse of Adam Theilan competing with him for targets after Irv Smith broke something, it seems that the biggest challenge this consensus top 12 receiver will have for reaching WR1 status will be Kirk Cousin’s ability to throw over and around the plexiglass he believes will protect him from COVID-19.

JP receives some high upside in rushing QB Jalen Hurts who appears to have survived Deshauyn Watson being traded to Philly (rumors state that Deshaun was unhappy with the spa services offered at the Four Seasons closes to the stadium).  Tyler Boyd and Kareem Hunt offer a blend of Flex Appeal and injury upside.

Verdict: Fliz wins this one based on roster construction.

Until next week, 

The Fliz