The Vote

Vote on suggested rule changes and MOTW

2021 Rule Changes

PASS – Should we shuffle the divisions for this upcoming season? NOTE: Divisions and schedule will be chosen at rando
PASS – With the addition of a regular season game, ESPN has defaulted to a 14 game regular season and 6-team playoff. Is this acceptable?
PASS – Should the sixth playoff spot be awarded to the team with the highest point total, regardless of record? NOTE: Applies to teams outside of the already qualified top five
FAIL – Should we get rid of divisions and award playoff spots to the top six (6) best records? NOTE: Top two (2) teams would receive the BYE.
PASS – The new tie breaker for playoff spots is total points scored over the season. Secondary tie breaker would be heads-up record.
FAIL – Should we change the existing Flex roster spot to a Superflex? NOTE: This would allow managers to start a QB in this position
FAIL – Should we limit the number of bench spots to six (6)? NOTE: Current number of bench spots is seven (7)
FAIL – Should we change the TE roster spot to an additional FLEX? NOTE: A manager would NOT have to start a TE
PASS – Should the Fliz punishment be as follows: The previous year’s Fliz must wear a tuxedo for one (1) day during the annual Draft Trip and serve as the previous year’s Champion’s butler. NOTE: Applies to the 2022-2023 season based on 2021-2022 results.
NO MAJORITY – If you are the Fliz in a given year and do not attend the subsequent year’s draft, should you be permanently removed from BPC United? NOTE: Extenuating circumstances to be evaluated by the Commissioner
NO MAJORITY – If you are absent from the annual Draft Trip for three consecutive years, should you be permanently removed from BPC United barring a reversal via anonymous vote from 10 current members? NOTE: This rule would begin with the 2022-2023 Draft.